Top Destinations in the World For Parties and Discos

Party-lovers will love the variety of music, dance floors, and venues found in these top destinations. From ’80s rock to gothic trance, these cities offer something for everyone. Reykjavik, Iceland, has a thriving nightlife that ranges from ’80s to punk. The city also hosts the annual Secret Solstice Festival, which draws top musicians from around the world. Other top destinations for parties and discos include Rio de Janeiro, with its vibrant underground music scene and live music venues. Its Sambadrome parade is a spectacle to behold, featuring glitzy floats and extravagant costumes.

Miami Beach, Florida, is one of the most iconic party strips in the world. The golden sands and rum-fuelled bars have attracted revelers since the fifties. You can also visit Little Havana, which is famous for its cigar bars and cantinas. Istanbul, Turkey, offers ancient history mixed with an exciting nightlife. The Danube is lined with open-air bars, while the Beyoglu district is known for its chic and vibrant nightlife.

While the Caribbean islands are known for their beaches, Europe’s most glamorous destinations are equally infamous for their raucous nightlife. Goa’s vibrant EDM scene has created a new style of music, Goa trance. It’s also known for its legendary silent discos, which are sometimes so large that they can be days long. The nightlife in Ibiza is also legendary. The city is home to the largest nightclub in the world, Privilege. It also hosts the annual Amsterdam Dance Event.

Buenos Aires is a party city. Bars here feature a unique mix of singers, dancers, and musicians. Some of the best spots in the city include Rojo Tango and Notorious. A nightclub in the city may even include a jazz bar. The party isn’t just for adults, though. There is something for everyone, from the tamest of families to the sexiest of women.

If you are a party animal, the island of Ibiza is for you. The island is a paradise for partygoers and is home to countless beach parties and secluded coves. There are several famous clubs and discos, including the Flower Power discotheque and the world-famous Pacha. If you’re looking for a more chilled environment, try Pikes Ibiza, where the music scene is steeped in rock history.

Los Angeles is another hot spot for parties and discos. It’s a Hollywood dream, and there’s a nightclub for everyone. The Harvard & Stone boasts World War II decor and American liquor. Stark Bar in Mid-City West is similar to the Mad Men era, which is also a popular venue. Other Los Angeles clubs include the Beacher’s Madhouse and Supper Club.

Istanbul is another hot spot for a wild nightlife. Taksim Square has some of the world’s most diverse population, so tourists from all over the globe come to visit the nightclubs. The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan is held in several locations throughout the year, but the most infamous takes place on Koh Phangan. Partygoers drink and jump on the famous fire rope.

Berlin is another great destination for nightlife. Its trendy clubs are packed with techno beats, and there are also jazz bars and hippie markets for music lovers. The red light district in Amsterdam is a hot spot for party-goers, but it’s worth checking out the other clubs and nightlife in this city. For instance, if you’re a fan of jazz, there’s Cafe Pereira, a cosy jazz club.

Cabo is another popular destination for spring breakers and jet-setters. Its white-painted pueblo is teeming with celebrity clubs, rock bars, and tequila dives. Alternatively, if you prefer a more laid-back vibe, try Montanita, a backpacker surf town with perfect waves. If you don’t want to be so close to a celebrity, the Lost Beach Club is an ideal choice.