Is It Better To Get Free Legal Advice Or Hire An Attorney?

People often make the mistake of taking the legal system lightly and think they can win a criminal case just because they are innocent.

This complacency encourages people to take a few free consultations without hiring a lawyer and fighting the case independently. But such a move can backfire heavily, especially when you don’t know much about prevalent laws and an aggressive opposition lawyer is baying for blood.

To avoid the nasty situation of going to jail, it would be best to hire criminal law firms that exclusively practice criminal law, and this guide explains why.

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Is It Better To Get Free Legal Advice Or Hire An Attorney?

1. Value For Money

It’s well-known that most reputable law firms offer a free consultation to provide an overview of the case. But to get value for money, you must hire an experienced criminal lawyer for the trial.

Moreover, the advice you get from a free consultation is basic and will hardly help you win the case. There’s only so much you can learn from a few minutes of legal counsel; that’s why hiring a lawyer and discussing the nuances of the case is essential.

2. Cost Saving

Although lawyers offer free consultations to attract more clients, fighting a case based on a few minutes worth of free advice will lead to greater expenses. A criminal case never follows a smooth trajectory, and you must navigate several topsy-turvy situations.

A free consultation is merely a means of choosing the right lawyer for the case, not winning the case itself. For that, you need to hire the full services of a lawyer to increase the chances of a quick resolution.

Otherwise, if the case drags on for years, you will lose more money than if you had paid for a lawyer.

3. Detailed Discussion

To win a criminal case, it’s important to assess your situation and see things as they are. This is where a professional lawyer comes in handy, as they present the facts and discuss possible solutions by dissecting the pros and cons of the case.

Plus, it’s crucial to give lawyers the time to study and find evidence related to the case, which isn’t possible during a free consultation.

4. Fair Representation

If a criminal lawyer is successful, why would they fight the case for free? For a fair representation and to ensure lawyers get their due for working on your case, you must be willing to pay their fees.

Yes, looking for an affordable solution is important, but not at the cost of going to jail. When you hire a lawyer, they will be by your side till the very end.


To win a criminal case and counter the charges against you, choosing an expert defence lawyer would be best.

And for that, you must recognize the time and effort they are committing to your case by agreeing to pay their fees. Nothing bad will happen if you pay an expert to get you out of a legal conundrum, particularly when it increases the chances of a favourable outcome.

So, contact a criminal lawyer today and let them help you!