What Are the Different Types of Criminal Lawyers and Which One Suits Your Case?

Whether you’re looking to press charges against someone who wronged you or defend yourself against unfounded accusations, you will need a criminal lawyer’s assistance.

Few things in the legal world can be explained in a simple way, and this applies doubly to criminal law. It is a reflection of human complexity, after all. This is why those not well-versed in law may find it surprising that there is more than one kind of criminal lawyer.

These criminal lawyers have their own areas of specialization and can help you in more than one way. Read on to learn about the types of criminal lawyers so that you can consult the correct one from a criminal defence law firm when the need arises.

Types Of Criminal Lawyers

1. Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal defence lawyers, as the name suggests, defend the accused and strive to bring a balance to the trial. These lawyers aim for fairness in the court, ensuring that the defendant isn’t convicted wrongfully. Moreover, they ascertain that all the evidence presented by the prosecution has a basis in reality, making their role quite significant to the judicial system.

2. Prosecutors

Prosecutors, on the other hand, represent the government in criminal cases and provide the necessary evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt. Thus, they serve a role opposite to that of a criminal defence lawyer in that they make sure those who commit crimes face appropriate convictions.

Subcategories Of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal defence attorneys and prosecutors are two main types of lawyers, but there are several subcategories of criminal lawyers. Each of them serves a different purpose and specializes in a different area. These include:

1. Public Defender

A public defender provides legal representation and advice to low-level criminal felonies and to those who cannot afford a criminal defence lawyer. These are different from lawyers who do ‘pro-bono’ work, as they are paid for their services by the government.

2. Panel Lawyer

A panel lawyer is a part of a government committee of other private defence lawyers. They complement the roles of a public defender, much like how defence lawyers complement prosecutors.

3. Private Lawyer

A private lawyer is hired by the defendant, provided that they can pay for the attorney’s representation. These are the lawyers you’ll likely hire if you ever find yourself in legal trouble.

4. Legal Aid

Legal aid is an attorney sent by a non-profit organization to assist those who can’t afford to pay lawyer fees. These lawyers do not attend to matters involving criminal charges, as they are handled by a public defender instead.

5. District Lawyer

The government employs a district lawyer to prosecute a defendant in severe criminal cases. This attorney collects data relevant to the case and stacks it up against those suspected of committing a crime.


These were the two major types and five subcategories of criminal lawyers that you’ll find in the legal world. From cases involving property to monetary and violence, these lawyers aim to serve justice in a fair and unprejudiced manner.

If you’ve been arrested unfairly, you can have a criminal lawyer represent you in court and lower the chances of a guilty verdict significantly. Conversely, if you want to prosecute someone who committed a crime against you, consult a criminal prosecutor.

So, reach out to a criminal defence firm today for advice and representation on legal matters