5 Key Reasons You Need to Remain Quiet during a Police Interrogation

When you get arrested, the police often remind you of your right to be silent. However, the police will encourage you to talk during an interrogation. Criminal defense lawyers advise that it is better to be quiet in any police interrogation. So why is it important to remain silent? 

Police Interrogation

  1. Talking could affect you even if you’re innocent 

If you talk to the authorities and give them a story, it has to be identical word by word if you’ll be asked to tell it again. Any slight variation from the original story will get used against you in court. It is essential to wait for your criminal defense lawyer before speaking. 

The police may have gathered some evidence and interrogated you about the matter. If you tell your story, the police will try to find a way to show you were involved. It is why anything you say would further affect you rather than help. 

  1. Police do not have the authority to make a legitimate deal

During interrogation, the police will try to convince you that the consequences will be less if you confess. They have no legal authority to offer a deal and would use this tactic to get a confession from you. 

It happens when they have two suspects and use this ploy to get one to implicate another. In the attempt to get out of the situation, you will further involve yourself or become an accomplice. 

When in such a situation, it is essential to be quiet. Request a good lawyer from a reputable criminal defense law firm to help create a defense strategy. 

  1. You can confess later

Even if you are pressed to confess to a crime, the confession will only make the police case solid. It will be difficult to retract the confession later. Whether you are guilty or innocent, it is crucial to be silent during the interrogation. Wait for legal counsel from your defense lawyer. 

They will help you legally arrange a legal deal and set up a defense to reduce your punishment. If you admit to the crime before this, you can get a worse punishment than you would have found with a defense lawyer. 

  1. Interrogations could lead you to lie unintentionally 

Police interrogations can get intense for a suspect and lead you to deviate from the real story. You might be tempted to give another story even if you’re innocent. The police often intimidate suspects with the consequences of the crime to get them talking. 

Panicking will make you confess indirectly or say something that will be used against you. It is essential to wait for your defense lawyer and be silent rather than implicate yourself. 

  1. Talking will never help

If you start talking during the interrogation, the police use the interrogation to find ways to tie you to the crime. It is why no matter how much you talk, it will never help you. Whether you are innocent or guilty, it is essential to be silent and wait for instructions from a defense lawyer. 

Final words 

When you get arrested by the police, it can get intimidating; anxiety causes you to talk. These reasons are why it is crucial to exercise silence. You can deal better with the situation with a criminal defense lawyer. Contact us if you are looking for a criminal defense attorney.