Can a Criminal Solicitor Prove Your Innocence?

In defence cases, the primary role of a criminal solicitor is to ensure that their client gets acquitted of the charges against them. 

They also strive to ensure that the trial is fair, and in the case of punishments, try to get the sentence meted out by the court reduced. But people are often unsure of how these solicitors are able to perform all these functions.  

That’s where this brief guide can help. It explains how criminal solicitors can prove their clients’ innocence and get them acquitted. So, make sure to read until the end!

How Can A Criminal Solicitor Prove Your Innocence

Cases Handled By A Criminal Solicitor

A criminal solicitor can be hired for various types of cases, such as manslaughter or murder, sexual offences, rape, drug offences, and more. They can also take up cases involving theft, burglary, forgery, robbery, fraud, etc. Even cases involving weapon charges and monitoring and offences against public order are handled by them. 

So, if you have been charged with any of these offences, there are several criminal solicitors from whom you can get a free legal aid.  

How Can A Criminal Solicitor Prove Your Innocence?

When a criminal solicitor is assigned to a case, the first thing they do is to collect important information regarding the charges made against the client. They do so according to the client’s instructions and will also make efforts to collect evidence that can prove support for the defence. 

This evidence can include many things, such as eyewitness statements and forensic evidence. Then, the next step that such a solicitor will take is to study similar cases and the procedural rules and statutes that might be helpful for the case. 

After gathering all the crucial information required for the defence, the solicitor will prepare a defence strategy. This will also involve making preparations for the cross-examination of witnesses and searching for opportunities that can help limit the evidence of the prosecution. 

The Role Of The Solicitor During The Trial

A criminal solicitor can help with the selection of the jury and may try to get certain jurors removed if they feel they can affect the trial adversely. Additionally, they can negotiate with the prosecutor and may be able to secure a favourable deal.

During the proceedings, the solicitor will present the collected evidence and attempt to clear you of the charges. They will examine the various witnesses, cross-examine the witnesses of the prosecution, and will do their best to convince the jury of your innocence. 

Final Thoughts

A criminal solicitor has to convince the jury that the prosecutor cannot prove beyond doubt that the defendant is guilty. This means they play an important role in ensuring that miscarriage of justice does not take place. 

So, if you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, the first thing to do is to contact a criminal solicitor and sign up for a free consultation. Doing so can help you know how to proceed in such a situation.