Health Conditions That Can Be Treated With Physiotherapy

Certain health conditions can make it so that the afflicted can no longer move their body properly. And depending on someone else for basic tasks can be extremely frustrating.

As the name suggests, physiotherapy restores movement and function that may have been restricted in a patient due to injury or illness. It can utilize certain techniques to aid someone beyond diseases, such as using acupuncture for labor induction.

The physiotherapist encourages redevelopment and helps the afflicted recover, enabling them to regain their ability to perform tasks on their own. This treatment approaches the management of the affliction clinically and methodically to quicken the recovery process. Here are some of the physical ailments that may require a physiotherapist visit.

Sessions Of Physiotherapy

7 Health Conditions That Benefit From Sessions Of Physiotherapy

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a result of inflammation of the joints, which continues to get worse as a person grows old. The ailment can be quite painful, but its advancement can be managed through physiotherapy. Exercises specific to vulnerable joints and fitness programs can also help alleviate the pain.

2. Muscular Atrophy

A person’s muscle mass can decrease due to complete inactivity, age, genetics, or malnutrition, resulting in the wasting of muscle tissue. A combination of physiotherapy, medications and surgical procedures can regain lost muscle mass.

The patient is monitored throughout the recovery process to help increase their response to treatment, and physical therapy is a key part of it.

3. Sports Injuries

Stress fractures and ankle pain as a result of sports injuries can be managed through physiotherapy. Using appropriate recovery treatments and limiting exercises can help athletes return to form safely and swiftly.

4. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition where the patient has thin and brittle porous bones that can break upon the slightest strain. Though there is no cure for the disease, physiotherapy can prevent fractures from becoming completely debilitating.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Using a computer mouse (for example) for extended periods can result in wrist pain and injuries. Office workers and artists alike can consult a physiotherapist and mitigate the pain they experience while working on their respective jobs.

6. Chronic Bronchitis

Pulmonary rehabilitation plans can strengthen the lungs with breathing techniques, helping the patient manage chronic bronchitis.

7. Neurological Disorders

Diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease result in neurological and physical degeneration, causing patients to lose their motor functions. Though there is no cure for these diseases, physiotherapy can help manage chronic motor limitations.


Physiotherapy has become an integral part of treating and managing many diseases. Several afflictions previously thought to be unmanageable can be mitigated by targeted physiotherapy.