5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Seeking Help Regarding Mental Health

Does getting out of bed and carrying out day-to-day chores seem daunting? You’re not alone! 

Sad to say, life isn’t full of sunshine and rainbows as you would have imagined. After an unfortunate incident, some people bounce back quickly, but others might need a little help to snap themselves out of it. 

People are embarrassed or afraid to seek help from professional counsellors due to the stigma associated with mental illness. But the truth is– there’s no shame in seeking help from professionals when it comes to mental health. Today, we’ll walk you through 5 lies people tell themselves about mental health to avoid seeking help. If you resonate with any of them, reach out to the best counselling clinic (Brampton).

Mental Health

5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Seeking Help Regarding Mental Health

Lie 1: Talking About My Problems Won’t Help

Perhaps, your friends or family members have mocked your feelings many times in the past. Therefore, you’re afraid of sharing them with anyone– isn’t it? Unlike friends, counselling centres don’t dismiss their clients’ thoughts or feelings; instead, they listen to find solutions and help people overcome their struggles.

Lie 2: Therapy Is For Crazy People

When it comes to seeking help from a mental health professional, people often argue that therapy is for crazy people. But, the truth is– therapy is for each and every individual who is going through a rough patch in their life. 

Battling with bouts of depression isn’t easy, but overcoming it is crucial for living a happy and healthy life– and therapy helps you do just that. 

Lie 3: Therapy Can’t Help Me Like My Close Ones

Despite having a solid support system, people cannot pull themselves together after unfortunate incidents. In the company of friends and family, you may feel better, but behind closed doors, you cry inconsolably. 

That’s because they aren’t certified therapists who are trained to listen to you without displaying judgemental or unbiased attitudes. Counselling centres offer suitable solutions for your problems, so you can move forward in life. 

Lie 4: Therapists Will Put Me On Medications

Most people are afraid to seek help because they believe therapists will prescribe medications to help them cope with their situations. Of course, that’s not true– psychiatrists do that, not mental health professionals. Counsellors or therapists use talk therapy to help people bounce back. 

Lie 5: Therapists Only Give Advice 

Not many people know that therapy is a collaborative activity, and counsellors refrain from giving advice. A good therapist will help you build mental strength and develop the skill sets required to make your own decisions during testing times. 

Final Words

The journey to overcoming mental illness is like a roller coaster ride– full of ups and downs. Instead of plunging yourself into pits of depression, consider seeking help from a certified and skilled therapist or counsellor to overcome the struggles you’re going through. 

And remember, only brave people ask for help in times of need, so you mustn’t refrain from consulting a good counsellor. Are you ready to set yourself on the road to recovery? Then reach out to the best counselling clinic (Brampton) today!