4 Reasons to Use Courier Service Instead of Postal Service

Delivering a parcel or package can have you wondering which option is better to use – courier or postal service. You might be tempted to lean more towards the cheaper option. But in this blog, we explain four reasons why you should use a courier service instead of a postal one.

Courier Service

Reason 1 – Speed

Courier services are preferred for their speed of delivery compared to postal services. Some Mississauga courier services offer a same-day option, allowing people to send stuff urgently. The fastest a postal service can deliver a parcel is the next day if it is a weekday. And you would have to post your parcel before a specified time. Next-day delivery might be impossible if you send the parcel on a Friday. But some courier services work on Saturdays, and same-day deliveries are possible.

Reason 2 – Track your deliveries in real-time

Many courier services allow customers to track their packages in real time. Postal services may offer tracking that might only include the delivery date. Whereas with courier services, you will know exactly where your shipment has reached and when it will get to you. Some companies allow you to call them to request updates on your delivery. This is a highly beneficial feature if you ship a parcel outside Mississauga or Canada.

Reason 3 РNo weight limitations 

Many postal services do not accept parcels above 20 or 30kg weight. The length and breadth, too, will have limits. In contrast, you will find courier services with no size or weight limit. Therefore, a larger or heavier package requires courier services. Unless you have the means and time to deliver the package yourself. 

Reason 4 – Professional and careful handling of parcels and packages

You want a service where your items are properly packed. Safe delivery without fear of damage depends on this. Courier services do a better job in this regard. Some private courier services advise you on the packaging and assist with ensuring it is done correctly. But a postal service can reject your parcel if they feel the packaging is incorrect.

In addition, a courier staff will more likely handle your parcel with the utmost care. It is common practice for these companies to limit physical touch when dealing with parcels. This ensures the package is delivered in great condition. 

Bonus: More secure and theft-free

Courier services allow real-time tracking and help with proper packaging. These features ensure your shipment is safe and free from theft. 

Moreover, the stories of delayed or missing parcels are common with postal services, which you can never hear about couriers. There is accurate tracking and accountability. Many courier companies also have insurances that cover damaged goods, which rarely occurs.


There are many reasons people choose couriers over postal services. Especially if you own an online business, a postal service can hardly meet your needs. The right delivery service plays a crucial role in your business. Therefore, partnering with a good courier service is necessary for profitability and business growth.