Must Know Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly

A stuck garage door is the last thing anyone wants to deal with during a busy workday. 

Maintaining a garage door seems trivial, but it’s really not. Routinely inspecting and spending some time taking care of your garage door will save you from repair bills and unexpected inconveniences. What’s more, it only takes a couple of hours every few months.

Following is a brief compilation of tips that every homeowner can follow to ensure that their garage door operates smoothly.

Garage Door

5 Tips To Maintain Your Garage Door

1. Periodic Lubrication

Oiling the moving parts is the most elementary step you can take to increase the longevity of your garage door. By spending a few minutes applying your lubricant of choice to the opener’s chain or screw and the overhead springs, you can add years to the garage door’s life.

2. Test The Door Balance

A garage door’s functionality may be compromised if it isn’t properly balanced, resulting in a door malfunction.

Pull the release handle to disconnect the door opener and move the door up until it’s half open. If it stays put, your door is in good shape. In case it does not, you can seek assistance from reliable Burlington Garage Doors specialists to have your door rebalanced.

3. See If The Door Parts Are Damaged

If you’ve been actively using your garage door for years, chances are the door’s rollers and cables have seen some damage over time. You may opt to repair the parts or simply replace them.

In case you haven’t swapped the parts out in a long time, consider replacing them over repairs. 

4. Check The Auto-Reverse System

Garage door openers come with an auto-reverse feature to prevent injuries. The system should be tested once a year to make sure it works properly when needed.

The test to check the mechanical reverse system is easy to perform: place a wooden block or a brick under the door and lower it. If the auto-reverse system is functioning correctly, the door will retract automatically after touching the block.

Alternatively, check the photoelectric sensors that detect people and pets walking under the door. Take a look at the wiring and the indicator lights to ensure they’re functioning properly. You can also throw an object or move your leg across the garage door’s path to test them further.

5. Clear The Tracks

By periodically clearing the tracks that the door operates on, you’ll ensure that it moves smoothly for a long time. 

However, you should not perform drastic modifications to the track, as they may end up causing damage. It’s better to let a professional adjust them in an optimal manner.


The garage door is crucial to any home and maintaining it properly will not only prevent inconveniences but potential injuries as well. 

If you need to have your garage doors repaired or replaced, avoid the DIY route. Inexperienced hands may end up causing unwanted damage, making it more important to have a professional do it properly instead.

So, get in touch with a specialist for servicing, installing, or repairing your garage doors.